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Detainees Respond To Italian Government Decision to Deport Tunisians

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

“Today, after the agreement between Italy and Tunisia, as promised by Berlusconi, they began to deportate Tunisian migrants back to their country directly from Lampedusa.
At noon, about 30 migrants, left on a plane, accompanied by 60 policemen. Tonight they should deport other 30 Tunisians.
There are about 1000 Tunisians at the moment in the detention Centre of Lampedusa. In the last days they are refusing to eat and they are protesting chantig slogans and asking to be free.
We were there in the morning to support them in their struggle with some banners. We managed to get quite close to the fences and shout at them and they were really happy to see us. We left after that the police asked our documents and threatened us to bring us to the police station, charging us with instigation…
In the afternoon the migrants burnt some materasses and in the mess caused by the heavy smog, some people managed to run away from the detention centre. Unfortunately they were not even aware they were in an Island and they could not go very far. So most of them, were easily caught and brought back to the detention centre. Berlosconi promised two flights a day to deport Tunisians directly from Lampedusa airport. This means that since the people arrive at a quicker pace, soon there will be again as many migrants here as there were last week.”

Video Of Demonstration.

Australian Police Use Tear Gas on Demonstrating Asylum Seekers

March 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Article in The Australian.

Greek Hungerstrike Ends With Victory

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The six week hunger strike by the 300 migrants and refugees living in Greece has ended with several concessions won from the Greek government.
Welcome To Europe Article.
BBC Article.

10th of March: Worldwide Solidarity Action Day with the 300 Hunger Strikers Immigrants-Workers in Greece

March 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Latest Greece travel advises:
You might have heard that Greece is a beautiful country to visit with delicious food and people with great hospitality. Be careful: this is not the whole truth. The reality for hundreds of thousands of visitors is completely different. There is a general threat of human rights’ violations.

PRESS RELEASE – MARCH 2, 2011 (via clandestinenglish)

March 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 DAY 37 of the hunger strike   The 300 migrants, 50 of whom are staying at the 7th floor of the Labor Centre, have been on a hunger strike for 37 days now. After their decision to abstain from sugar, more and more strikers are being taken to hospital everyday. The strikers are facing irreparable damage to vital organs, like the brain, for which sugars are essential. Right now 17 hunger strikers are being hospitalized. … Read More

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Greek Migrant Hunger Strike Enters Day 30 (via Bristol No Borders)

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

+++ As hunger strike of 300 approaches day 30, strikers are in dire need of transnational support! +++ It is time to ACT NOW! +++ Fax, E-Mail and phone the Greek authorities and demand immediate legalisation NOW +++ Here you find a sample fax/email that you can send to the relevant authorities. Please do note that it is always better if you compose a text on your own. It doesn’t need to be long! If you do so, please post your letter as a comment … Read More

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Demo, Revolt, Fire and Escape at Brussels Detention Centre Yesterday (via Bristol No Borders)

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Demo, revolt, fire and escape at Brussels detention centre yesterday The group "Voices Without Borders" organised a solidarity action this afternoon at the 127 bis detention centre in Steenockerzeel, Brussels this afternoon starting at 16.30 on Sunday. The action was a show of solidarity with prisoners in the immigration prison who have been on hunger strike for more than ten days after an 18 year old Egyption migrant was tied up and beaten by guards. The demonstrators arrived at the centre with music, shouts and … Read More

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