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CorporateWatch Briefing on Immigration Prison

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Forward to Report
“The government’s decision to end child detention for immigration purposes in 2010 was the result of long years of campaigning by dedicated grassroots activists, as well as detainee support groups, NGOs and mainstream media. The end of this cruel and inhumane practice has, however, served to somehow legitimise the detention of adults. Fewer people now appear to have the political will to argue that immigration detention should be stopped altogether…”
CorporateWatch Article.

Barnardo’s Legitimise the Continued Detention of Children

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

The children’s charity Barnardo’s is legitimising the continued use of detention for children by agreeing to provide welfare services at a “pre-departure accommodation” centre the government plans to open in Pease Pottage near Crawley in Sussex.
Full LondonNoBorders Article.

Protest at Yarl’s Wood in Solidarity with Women Immigration Detainees

March 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Anti-detention activists held a solidarity demonstration at Yarl’s Wood detention centre on Saturday, 5th March. Protesters wanted to show solidarity with migrant women incarcerated in the immigration prison near Bedford, as women worldwide celebrated International Women’s Day. They also wanted to highlight the fact that ending child detention has been skillfully employed by the coalition government to avoid talking about the brutal and inhumane detention regime in general.
Full Indymedia Article.

Celebrate International Women’s Day at Yarl’s Wood!

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Come and celebrate International Women’s Day by showing solidarity with the migrant women imprisoned at Yarl’s Wood!

Saturday, 5th March 2011, 1pm

@ Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre
Twinwoods Road, Clapham, Bedfordshire, MK41 6HL

Please organise your own transport.

The coalition government has skilfully employed he “end” to child detention to avoid talking about the brutal and inhumane detention regime of detention in general. Yet, over the years, countless reports and accounts have documented the plight of women locked up at Yarl’s Wood: indefinite detention without charge or judicial oversight, overcrowded cells, mistreatment and abuse by private security guards, lack of privacy, restrictions on visits and phone calls, inadequate medical provision and the lack of facilities to address healthcare issues. And it’s getting worse.

In her 2009 inspection report on Yarl’s Wood, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers reported that “the focus on improving the environment and activities for children appeared to have led to a lack of attention to the needs of the majority population of women. Provision of activities for them was among the poorest seen in any removal centre. It had been inadequate at the last inspection, and had declined even further. The absence of activity added to the depression and anxiety of women, many of whom were spending lengthy periods at Yarl’s Wood. The average length of stay had increased by 50% since the last inspection, and one in ten women had been detained for more than six months.”

End the detention of migrant women!
Close Yarl’s Wood now!

Stop Deportation Network

Arora Hotels Planning a New Detention Centre?!

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

London NoBorders has received information that the hotel company Arora International ( in form of their branchArora Management Services Limited) has started a second attempt to make money from the Home Office’s deportation business. The company plans to use the site of a residential school for children with behavioural and learning difficulties in Pease Pottage, Crawley, Sussex owned by the Arora Group subsidiary “The Crossroads Childrens (sic) Education Services Ltd.”, into an immigration detention facility.
More Info.

Free the Yarl’s Wood 3! Planning Meeting

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Campaign planning meeting, 6pm-7.30pm, Fri 28 January
Fin Future, 225-229 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2DA

In February 2010, women at Yarl’s Wood immigration prison went on hunger strike to demand an end to indefinite and abusive imprisonment. The women experienced violent attacks and abusive treatment in an attempt to end their protest. Six women were accused of being ring-leaders and moved into isolation and prisons. Nearly a year later, two women remain in prison without charge: Aminata Camara and Sheree Wilson.

Denise hopes to be able to make this meeting to discuss how to take the campaign forward for Sheree and Aminata’s freedom, the demands of the hunger strike and her right to stay with her children.

Come along to this meeting and show your support. Hear messages from the women and plan how to respond to their requests for solidarity.

The venue is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you need childcare for the meeting, and we’ll arrange a creche.

To find it: 2 minutes from Finsbury Park tube station – come out main entrance, go past Arsenal shop, turn right down Seven Sisters Rd, go under railway bridge and Fin Future is on your right with big windows and green window frames or come out Seven Sisters Rd exit, and it’s just on your right.

Read the recent article in the Observer:
Stay in touch with the campaign:
Join the Facebook group:

Yarl’s Wood Hunger Striker Released

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

‘Free at Last!’
Good news: Denise McNeil Released on Bail 1 Year After Yarl’s Wood Hunger Strike!

On Tuesday 25th Jan, Denise McNeil, was granted bail at an immigration court in Hatton Cross. Denise is one of three women who have been held in prison without charge since taking part in a hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood which demanded an end to indefinite imprisonment and abuse. She said “After 28 months, 1 week and 5 days I am finally reunited with my family and supporters. We’re going to keep campaigning for Sheree and Aminata and all the people in Yarl’s Wood until it’s closed.”

Supporters packed the court to show solidarity with Denise. A letter from Denise’s youngest son was also given to the Judge. Denise said “Tre’s letter touched the heart of the Judge” and extended her thanks to everyone who has supported her. Several groups were represented at the hearing including No One is Illegal, No Borders, Crossroads Women’s Centre, Communities of Resistance, Stop Deportation Network and members of the RMT.