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PRESS RELEASE – MARCH 2, 2011 (via clandestinenglish)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011 DAY 37 of the hunger strike   The 300 migrants, 50 of whom are staying at the 7th floor of the Labor Centre, have been on a hunger strike for 37 days now. After their decision to abstain from sugar, more and more strikers are being taken to hospital everyday. The strikers are facing irreparable damage to vital organs, like the brain, for which sugars are essential. Right now 17 hunger strikers are being hospitalized. … Read More

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“…these hunger strikers are the martyrs of greece asylum seekers…”

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Asylum seekers willing to die in the face of expulsion after shame and exploitation bear witness to a higher truth than life.

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European Week of Solidarity with the Hunger Strike (via clandestinenglish)

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European Week of Solidarity with the hunger strike The hunger strike of the 300 has been going on for over a week now. The reactions in Greece are quite strong, a lot of people and organisations have expressed their solidarity with the hunger strikers, however, the state has not been idle either, first attacking the hunger strikers because of their choice of place to hold the strike, then threatening their eviction … Read More

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Activists Blockade Belgian Detention Centre

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Activists are blockading the Merksplas immigration detention centre in Belgium.
Indymedia UK Article.

Issue #9 of Crossing Borders Published

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Athens Hunger Strikers Under Seige

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“DOZENS of police in riot gear cordoned off streets overnight around Athens University’s Law School, which has been taken over by about 200 ‘illegal immigrants’ who are holding a hunger strike to demand they be legalised.”

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Yarl’s Wood Hunger Striker Released

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‘Free at Last!’
Good news: Denise McNeil Released on Bail 1 Year After Yarl’s Wood Hunger Strike!

On Tuesday 25th Jan, Denise McNeil, was granted bail at an immigration court in Hatton Cross. Denise is one of three women who have been held in prison without charge since taking part in a hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood which demanded an end to indefinite imprisonment and abuse. She said “After 28 months, 1 week and 5 days I am finally reunited with my family and supporters. We’re going to keep campaigning for Sheree and Aminata and all the people in Yarl’s Wood until it’s closed.”

Supporters packed the court to show solidarity with Denise. A letter from Denise’s youngest son was also given to the Judge. Denise said “Tre’s letter touched the heart of the Judge” and extended her thanks to everyone who has supported her. Several groups were represented at the hearing including No One is Illegal, No Borders, Crossroads Women’s Centre, Communities of Resistance, Stop Deportation Network and members of the RMT.