Welcome to the Barbed Wire Britain Network
On any one day, over 2,600 people, most of them asylum seekers,are locked up in detention camps and prisons in Britain, without trial and without time limit and with no automatic right to bail.
The government is building new detention centres (officially ‘immigration removal centres’) and plans a total capacity to detain 4,000 people.
Britain imprisons more migrants, including refugees and children – over 20,000 a year – for longer and with less judicial oversight than any other country in Europe. The decision to detain and the decision whether or not to grant asylum are arbitrary. As a result, innocent people are punished, not for anything they have done but apparently because the government believes (without evidence) that this will deter others from exercising their right to claim political asylum in Britain, or simply from travelling to the UK.
The Barbed Wire Britain Network wants to stop this shame. If you are interesting in helping us achieve this, do contact us by EMAIL or telephone 01865 558 145, or contact a local opposition or support group near you.

  1. March 4, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    The publication of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Detention March 3 2015 is a big step forward and opens up the debate about ending the detention of migrants in the UK. Can we move from being the worst to being the best in the EU? Join Barbed Wire Britain the network to End immigration detention in the UK

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